1We need to stop taking our bathrooms for granted. In choosing to renovate a property, many homeowners opt to fix their bathroom out of necessity of broken pipes and fittings, rather than for appearance. This results in bathrooms that are disjointed and disorganised, rather than luxurious and functional. The aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, and the potential of the space itself is often lost in the process with renovators not giving their spaces appropriate attention or thought. You could be forgiven for this—on showing your home to guests, a bathroom is no more than a quick nod and a shout of “it’s to the right.” It’s not the centerpiece of your home. But it is undeniably the most important room of the house.
As renters will tell you, the bathroom can make or break a property when choosing which home to apply for. The bathroom is a site where age can certainly shows, so it is important to choose quality and simplicity in your fittings to ensure a bathroom that remains relevant and beautiful throughout its life.

But a bathroom is so much more than a first impression. Many note that their bathroom is the only space in their house that has a locking door. It’s the only place where you can hide yourself away effectively without hope of interruption from other family members. It truly is the most private room of the house. A private room for those private routines of cleansing, powdering, and soaking. Nobody needs to be convinced of the therapeutic effects of a long, hot bath. A bathroom is a reclusive space of stress relief, where you can literally wash away the worries of the day in peace. So when choosing to upgrade your bathroom, keep relaxation in mind. Keep in mind the beautifully simplistic rituals of self care, and keep in mind the possibilities that come with intelligent design choices.

At Phoenix, we can help create this ideal space whatever your aesthetic preference. Our extensive range of bathroom tapware includes both floor and wall mounted outlets.
Floor mounted fixtures from our Vivid, Mia, Radii and Lexi collections are designed to give a thoroughly modern feel to your space, highlighting the depth of your tub.
Harmony, Nostalgia, or Rhapsody collections are designed to give a provincial feel to any space, with their rounded edges and delicate shapes. Upgrading bathroom tapware couldn’t be easier with Phoenix–we have the finest range of bathroom products in Australia. Buy your bathroom taps online, or find one of our many stockists across Australia.