Dementia Care

dementia-care-homeIn this whirlpool of ups and downs, life has many things to teach us. If you have anything rough, share it  with someone,and do not hide. Especially when it comes to health and illness. Dementia can be one of them.. Old-young, rich-poor we are not spared by worldly pains. You never know there many out there, who are sailing on the same boat along with you. You just aren’t noticing But there are many precious aged care home who thrive to take personal care.

If we want to fix the problem, we got to get to the root of it. Understand the issue. So, what is  Dementia ?

Dementia is characterized into various types. It is a mental condition where the mental functioning of the brain declines with the following such as :







People suffering from Dementia lose interest in daily activities of life.They have problems in controlling their emotions in a social environment.Dementia is common among people in age age groups of 65 and more. It is often observed by their behavioral patterns that by spending more time with them we can make make a great impact on their lifestyle. After all, empathy, compassion and respect for each other.

Finally, here are few tips that I want to leave you with,  which we usually do at Opal Aged care:

Join a Dementia Support Group

Physical exercise is a must and so is mental balance, therefore practice meditation

Write down your thoughts in a journal. It will keep you calm and you will be updated with all the events of your life as well.